Vannetta Seecharran

Jewellery Classes and Courses

At the School we offer many courses in Silver Jewellery, Beaded Jewellery, Lost Wax Casting and Silversmithing. They are offered as 1-day, 5 or 10-week evening courses, daytime intensive and 3 month long courses.

The one-day classes are a great introduction to jewellery making and are ideal for beginners. The aim is for people to discover their creative potential and learn some techniques they can continue to use at home. People are always amazed with the quality of the pieces they leave with and very often a one-day class will be just the start of a new hobby or even career. One day classes are available in beaded or silver jewellery.

Longer and more advanced courses are offered to help develop skills and creativity and the emphasis on these is to learn the skills and technique of a professional jeweller and develop a more sophisticated design style.

The 5 and 10 week evening courses are:

Beaded & Silver Jewellery
An opportunity to learn how to design and make beaded jewellery including making silver clasps, jumprings, hooks and links.
Beginners Silver Jewellery
An introduction to basic jewellery making skills and techniques. Students make a pair of earrings, a pendant and a bracelet.
Intermediate Silver Jewellery
continues and builds on the skills learnt on the beginners course and introduces stone setting and ring making.
Advanced Silver Jewellery
An opportunity to have studio time to design and make your own work. Some time is spent learning new skills but mostly you will be practicing and consolidating the skills already learnt while designing and making work of your choice.
Resin Jewellery Many contemporary jewellers are now using resin in their work. On this course you will learn how to work with resin and incorporate resin into your silver jewellery.
Silversmithing An ancient technique of manipulating sheet metal to into silverware such as spoons and napkin rings. Students lean how to shape, hammer and stretch metal into functional objects.
Wax Carving for Cast Silver Jewellery teaches the technique of carving a piece of jewellery in wax and then having the wax cast in silver by a commercial caster. The silver piece is then cleaned, sanded and polished. This is a relatively easy process which can be used to make complicated pieces.
Comprehensive Jewellery Design Course A practical course that meets one day each week for three months. This course is ideal for beginners who want to become proficient as quickly as possible. The course covers all the key techniques including, cutting, soldering, fusing, shaping, texturing and wax carving. Time is also spent on the development of ideas through research, drawing and materials experimentation. During this course students will design and make a collection of pieces that utilise all the skills learnt.