Vannetta Seecharran

1 Year Diploma In Jewellery Making

Level 3 Accredited Course

This 1 year Foundation Diploma course is aimed at those wanting to learn jewellery making skills or those who want to develop a deeper understanding of their ideas and interest. The space we provide is one to be creative and experimental in, to discover and come to understand who you are as a designer - maker and understand what you offer and why. Our approach to learning is very much based on helping each individual to discover their own interest, potential and passion in their work.

This one year Jewellery Foundation Diploma is the perfect platform for you to begin your career as a designer - maker. You will learn beginners to advanced jewellery making skills and technique that you can either apply to setting up your own practice or progress onto a higher education course. Progression to high education is made easy with our strong links with several jewellery degree courses in the UK and abroad.

This three term course, running for one year, will begin with short projects in the first term covering the essential skills in jewellery making and key skills in research and ideas development. The second term is project based covering skills and techniques in production and manufacturing jewellery. Techniques such as wax carving, casting and mould making will be covered and course projects will be based around developing small collections of jewellery pieces. The third term will be independently lead where you will be expected to present a project proposal at the start of this term. Technical exercise will continue throughout this term and run along side your independent project.

The projects on this courses becomes a platform for developing your creative abilities and analytical skills, and for placing your work in the professional world. We believe that jewellery school is a place to be experimental, innovative and take risk in your ideas and where anything is possible.

The strength of this course is the continuous peer discussion and evaluation that takes place throughout. Students are expected to keep a sketchbook documenting their ideas and a reflection journal tracking their own progress and development. Each term you will get two individual tutorial with your tutor to assess your progress on the course. At end of the course we celebrate the work completed in an Exhibition held in a London location.

Though we don't cover beading and wire working skills specifically we believe that once you have learnt basics of jewellery making you can easily adapt your skills to other areas and techniques.

If you are unsure which course is best for you then please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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1 Year Diploma In Jewellery Making

Course Vannetta Seecharran School of Jewellery

1 Year Diploma In Jewellery Making

Course Vannetta Seecharran School of Jewellery


£3600 (plus materials)

Class Times

10:00am - 5:00pm


Level 3 Diploma in Jewellery. Accredited by Scottish Qualifications Authority.