Vannetta Seecharran

Advanced Rhino/CAD

1 Week Daytime course

In the fast paced Intermediate Course you will learn how surface modelling works and how to create more advanced sculptural items. The intermediate Course will give you a broad array of tools that will make your modelping faster by giving you several different paths to achieve a desired result.

We will put strong emphasis on how to use Rhino in an effective and time saving manner which will improve your work flow and perhaps also your creativity. You will be able to tackle the more advanced designs and will explore the T-Splines plug-in which will allow you to easily create organic shapes. We will look more in depth at Key Shot for rendering items, changing light setting, custom materials and environments. Time will also be given to work on your own more advanced designs towards the end of the course.

At the end of the course you should have sufficient skills to design a range of complex jewellery pieces and transform rough sketches into printable 3D pieces work jewellery.

This course it suitable for those who have completed the beginners course or have acquired a good understanding of how Rhino works and can complete a "skill check" assignment prior to enrolling.

Topics include:

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  • Stone Encrusted Ring Rhino
  • Rhino App View
  • Ring Pave Claws Rhino
  • Stone Encrusted Ring Rhino Rendered


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£550 (plus materials)

Class Times

10:00am - 4:00pm


Course Completion Certificate