Vannetta Seecharran

Introduction to Rhino/CAD

1 Week Daytime course

Modelling your ideas in 3D has widen the scope for jewellery designers allowing for a more intricate, elaborate and innovative designs. This beginners course is the perfect platform to learn the essential 3D modelling skills to turn your ideas into reality.

This CAD course will cover the Rhino tools and commands that you need to know in order to make basic solid shapes. You will gain an understanding of the interface and how Rhino uses points, lines, surfaces and solids to create printable 3D objects.

This course is a great way to play with ideas and be able to create repetitive and complex geometric shapes and/or produce minimalist and elegant jewellery after only a weeks intense training. Towards the end of the course we will explore rendering pieces through the KeyShot, creating realistic visuals of your designs pre-manufacture.

After the course

After completing the course your understanding of how the software is structured will enable you to experiment with other tools on your own or progress to the fast paced Intermediate Course where you will learn how surface modelling works and how to create more advanced sculptural items. The intermediate course will give you a broad array of tools that will make your modelling faster and more extensive by giving you several different paths to archive a desired result.

Topics include:

Who should take this course

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  • Ring With Claw Setting Rhino
  • Stone Encrusted Earrings Rhino
  • Stone Encrusted Earrings Rhino Rendered
  • Ring With Claw Setting Rhino Rendered


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£550 (plus materials)

Class Times

10:00am - 4:00pm


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