Vannetta Seecharran

Sculptural Silver Jewellery Master Class

2 Day Weekend Class

Creating sculptural forms in jewellery can be achieved through a technique called Fold Forming. This is a wonderful technique whereby a sheet of metal is folded, hammered, stretched and unfolded to create a variety of shapes and forms such flowers, leaves, bracelets, earrings, napkin rings and decorative objects.

The creative process begins with a series of paper models to realise the design in 3D and to create a template. The template is transferred to metal and a process of hammering, annealing and more hammering begins to create the desired piece. All the pieces shown below were formed from a sheet of metal using this process and without the need for soldering.

The metal can be also be folded and unfolded to create creases and ridges before hammering or can remain flat. The options are endless.

A simple, fun and noisy technique that is well suited to students of all levels.

Copper will be provided for the course and we have silver available for purchase if you would like to turn your design in you can purchase silver from us if you would.

  • Fold Formed Copper Earrings
  • Fold Formed Copper Flower
  • Fold Forming Process
  • Fold Formed Silver Bracelet
  • Fold Formed Copper Brooch


Sorry no dates are currently scheduled for this class


£230 (plus materials)

Class Times

10:30am - 5:00pm


Course Completion Certificate