Vannetta Seecharran

Silver Casting for Jewellery Making

5 Week Evening Course

This exciting new course will introduce you to casting in silver to create an original design. You will learn a casting process know as Delft Casting where an original mould is pressed into sand to create an impression. Molten silver is then poured into the impression and once cooled a silver piece is removed from the sand.

This casting process is ideal for casting very detailed jewellery pieces. A number of objects can be use as an original mould including jewellery wax, a sea shells, bones, a plastic object, sweets etc.

Note: The silver is not included in the price of the course and you can either buy silver from us or bring your own.

Optional: You can bring a few small objects no larger than 3cm to cast.

You will learn:

  • Cooling Of The Silver
  • Pouring Molten Metal
  • Molten Silver Heated To Liquid State
  • The Mold Is Opened To Reveal The Cast Silver


Sorry no dates are currently scheduled for this class


£210 (includes all materials)

Class Times

6:30pm - 9:00pm


Course Completion Certificate