Vannetta Seecharran

Jewellery Course - Intermediate Silver Jewellery

5 Week Evening Course (1 evening per week for 5 weeks)

You will learn: The course will begin with a refresher of the basic skills and then you will learn how to set a cabochon stone in a bezel setting, and make earrings and pendants. You will practice cutting intricate designs and learn more challenging soldering such as fusing and sweat soldering to create patterns and textures on metal.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

Suitable for: those who have taken the beginners silver course or who have some previous experience of soldering, cutting and shaping metal.

Materials: The course fee includes all the materials you will require.

Session 1- Ring with pattern
Skills: Review basic skills such as cutting, soldering and filing. You will also learn fusing and sweat soldering and apply those skills to designing and making a ring.

Session 2 Bezel making
Skills: Soldering, cutting and making bezel

Session 3 Stone setting ring
Skills: Finishing ring and cabochon stone setting

Session 4 Own project or pendant with stone
Skills: Soldering, riveting and shaping, texturing

Session 5 Finishing
Skills: Filing, applying different finishes and polishing.

  • Silver Ring
  • Ring With Stone Setting
  • Silver Ring With Bezel Setting
  • Ring Making


Jewellery Course - Intermediate Silver Jewellery

Course Vannetta Seecharran School of Jewellery


£230 (includes all materials)

Class Times

6:30pm - 9:00pm